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  • Not-for-profit and all for fun

  • Owners are our first priority

  • Be a part of a nationwide community

  • We support the small owner vendors to bring you their innovative products

  • Affordable events 

  • Custom products for MEMBERS ONLY

Member Benefits

  • How To's and Way For's and All the Information In-between

  • Check Out Slingshot Owner Innovators and their Products for Your Slingshot

  • Limited Edition and Special Products Only Available from The SOG

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Code of Conduct

The Slingshot Owners Group (SOG) exists for the reasons as outlined in the Mission and Vision Statement.  These are stated as follows:



  • To grow a Polaris Slingshot community that supports Slingshot owners and promotes education and activities beneficial to said owners.


Vision:  As a not-for profit organization, we will strive to grow a stronger community that:

  • Places individual owners as a priority,

  • Strives to help educate owners with information and expertise without monetary charge or further commitment - to pay-it-forward, so to speak, in hopes of promoting same,

  • Supports and promotes camaraderie through affordable organized events across the county,

  • Supports owner innovators through the promotion of their ideas and products,

  • Creates an atmosphere of sharing knowledge and experience, and

  • Supports charitable giving and community well-being.


SOG has both a moral and a legal obligation to provide a safe and friendly environment for members, guests and the public in general.


The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide guidance on the standard of behaviors expected as a SOG member, which includes:

  • Behaving in a manner that reflects positively upon SOG

  • Abiding by the SOG Mission and Vision


The conduct of members that will not be tolerated and that may result in having your membership cancelled and expulsion from SOG include, but is not limited to:

  • Aggressive and abusive (both verbal and physical) behavior

  • Discrimination (sexual, racial, religious, physical), or bullying

  • Undermining SOG events or activities including disruptive or coercive behavior

  • Conduct that creates segregation or disharmony

  • Derogatory or defamatory comments towards SOG and its members


As a member of Slingshot Owners Group, you are responsible for your driving/riding in a safe and responsible manner.  Slingshot Owners Group is not responsible for any owners driving.


Breaches of the Code of Conduct

It is not possible to outline all possible breaches to the Code of Conduct however general standards of public behavior, common sense and individual circumstance all influence the behavior under which SOG operates.  Any infringement may result in the immediate cancellation of the individual’s membership.


All members have the right to appeal, and their case will be heard by the Board of Directors.