The Birth of SOG

In 2018, a group of friends found themselves in the corner of a parking lot talking about what else .... Slingshots.

Now these friends were only brought together through ownership and participation in a community focused on the Slingshot but their conversation was not a new one, it was about needing an organization ...

  • that put owners first and was not-for-profit

  • was dedicated to owners

  • to help get more owners involved

  • that supported small owner vendors and their innovative products

  • that held affordable events 

  • is staffed by owners and enthusiasts

It didn't take long for the group to grow.  It grew in ideas and it grew in participation until the not-for-profit Slingshot Owners Group was born.  Hours of planning turned into days and days to weeks and weeks to months until here we are today, your Slingshot Owners Group (SOG) Board of Directors bringing to you the best of the Slingshot community


     President - Ross H. aka Ross

     Vice President - Trent A. aka Slingrazor

     Vice President - Jim H. aka Painter

     Secretary - Darrell B. aka dangerdarrell

     Treasurer - Dave S. aka maverick5990

     Director of Charitable Giving - Danna F. aka DKF Texas


     Al M. aka Nemesis1701 

     Anita K. aka adventure4Me

     Erica S. aka ericastar76